Worrying about getting a panic attack

Afraid about getting a panic/anxiety attack later today, in the morning i feel fine but in the afternoon/evening sometimes i get severe panic/anxiety attacks, so i worry bout this sometimes
Should i take naps in the afternoon? Wish i can sleep by will. Its hard to fall asleep when i have my anxiety/panic attacks in the evening, even though i sleep pretty early. Need a way to relax myself and way to cope while i have an anxiety/panic attack.
Taking busbar for this, hopefully it will calm me down.

I had this for 8, 11, 8, 2, and 1 months at a time years ago. I am rapid cycling bipolar with paranoid delusions when improperly medicated.

What meds are you taking? & what dosages? Also, what’s your dx? You may be mis-dx’d and/or improperly medicated.

Panic attacks are preventable… or at least manageable. Seroquel quitiapine + DBT (and other MBCTs) knocked 'em out for me, but I have to 1) take the med, and 2) stay in practice.

See http://behavioraltech.org/resources/whatisdbt.cfm and http://www.dbtselfhelp.com/. Great stuff. Really great stuff.

Taking Seroquel 20mg , Clozaril 475mg, and Busbar 15mg

Two “good” meds for what you describe… and one that’s a bit suspect. I understand why they’d shoot Buspar at you (to put an upper “floor” under those two downers), but if you’re still in panic on that much Cloz (let alone the small dose of Quel), there are other factors involved. They may be environmental and actual… or cognitive and delusional. What kinds of major stressors are you dealing with?

Cognitive and delusional on the reason why i have panic/anxiety attacks,
feel people are inside my body, and that people can see/hear my intrusive thoughts even though i think they are caused by the people inside my body,
Also feeling harassed by other people who can read these thoughts

Okay. So. Have you tried any CBTs for this? Or DBT (because it’s really the best stuff around)?

I like DBT “best” because it’s the HMO/PPO gold standard for emotion regulation and distress tolerance, but they’re all helpful… and you can get them all in workbook form if you dig around on amazon.com.

If you want to find a certified DBT therapist, use this website’s therapist locator:


Thanks notmoses for all your help:)

Stress leads to paranoia. Paranoia leads to anxiety. Anxiety leads to panic. Panic knows no reason.

Try not to stress on what may not happen(the afternoon panic attack need not happen, don’t be a fear caller), Stress is our number one trigger for all our most displeasing symptoms… I’ve had to look long and hard for ways to avoid stresses. I still look daily. It’s a never ending search it seems but the preoccupation can be enough to avoid or move away from your stressors.