Worrying a lot

Worrying about stuff. My in-laws are talking about my father in law is thinking about getting a better job but he is expecting to have to move alot. My partner is excited but I’m scared. Then my father in law and my partner added a dresser and a shelf. We have a lot to do still.

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Sup @cbbrown …what are u upto …!!! How are u spending ur days.how is kesai ur breaded dragon …

i just got my injection today, I was only gone an hour from home since the driver picked me up and waited for me to get out. I went with my partner’s aunt to go to the pharmacy and then back to the doctor.

we are still arranging the apartment back to normal but we have a lot of clothes still that can’t fit in the dresser

kaisei is okay, he and Leonardo the juvenile bearded dragon are both shedding and getting baths on a regular basis.

we found a place that sells greens pretty cheap including bok choy which is expensive from the bigger name stores.

I am sorry you have to go through this worrying @cbbrown .
I wish you all the best.

thanks, my partner doesn’t think they will go through with it since they are a couple of flakes. and they don’t want to move their daughter away from her biological father which is my mother in law’s son. confusing I know.