Worry and people shooting themselves

the people i see are now putting gun to there heads and blowing there brains out its graphic as ■■■■ i self harmed nothing that needs medical help they laugh because they know that it triggers me they dont care my husband says am bad for cutting but i am also letting them get to me av took meds and psych recons that i am getting enough meds she will do ■■■■ all and i see her again in September they want to kill me am sure they will i cant get away from them went gardening today i liked it and i was positive but now i worry that the DWP are following me and spying on me they want to take all the money off me my husband says they will not but am normally not doing things like that i want to volunteer for the gardening but they will stop my money and i cant work like a normal person i cant go and be ok and work like people who are well

I’m sure they’ll see you sooner if you tell them you’re in distress and you want to see them.

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