Worried that I upset my CPN and he isn't returning my calls

I have been having a real hard time. Ended up phoning my CPN upset and complained that the resources were poor for community care of the mentally ill. I ran my mouth off - wasn’t rude, aggressive or mean though - just was upset. He told me to try some relaxation techniques.

Anyway 15 mins after the call I felt very bad and phoned up to apologise. The secretary said he wasn’t in the office. Anyway the paranoia in me thought he was just avoiding my call. Would a CPN do this? Am really worried

I’m sorry you are having a bad time!

Maybe he really did step out for lunch…or even if he did avoid your call, maybe he did it because he also needed time to “cool off”? If he’s professional, he should take your call, if not today than tomorrow.

How many times have you called? If it’s just once or twice, I’d give it a day or half a day and then call. If I still can’t get past secretary, then I’d just leave the message with her, saying I was under stress and reacted out of anger and frustration and to apologize to him on my behalf.

I would like to think that he’s just off the grid until he can put on his professional game face again, then he’ll take your call, but have you had other bad experiences with him?

To your credit, American mental health services are skimpy (less so since Obamacare but still) and there really are few or no outpatient community care centers for us…so you (and I) have every right to be upset.


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I don’t think he’d hold it against you
U are allowed to moan and complain if u feel that way

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I think your just being paranoid

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Thanks for the replies folks. Managed to get a hold of him (I assume he was on a break or something). I apologised and everything seems fine now. Am meeting him on Wednesday for my depot.

I was a bit worried that I might have been discharged from the community services but I realise now that is a crazy thought. I can’t trust my brain most of the time.

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