Worried I’m not going to have own baby

I’m 36. 37 in July. Worried I won’t have own baby. I’ve been single most of my life. How long can I wait?

We’ve talked about this before.

It seems to be something you’re really concerned about,

So I’d talk to my OBGYN.

But from personal experience, my friend had her last baby at 42 and she was completely healthy.

I think more and more woman are postponing pregnancy to their late thirties, early forties these days.

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What’s OBGYN? I’d love to have baby around 42.

I wish I could raise a baby it would feel so rewarding and satisfying. But I get scared of all the what ifs. Like, they’d stress me OUT. I can tell I’d go psychotic.

I’m scared I’ll get psychosis to. I want a long gap between psychotic episode and having baby.

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Sounds like a really good idea…

How are you feeling today?

A doctor.

One that specializes in obstetrics.

They’ll let you know your risk at what ages.


It’s a doctor who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology

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