Worried I am relapsing

Not for my psychotic symptoms, I’m worried I’m having a depression relapse. I have been under an extreme amount of stress lately, and my avolition has come back very forcefully. I wasn’t able to shower the other night. I’m not getting work done. I’m barely eating. I’m sleeping all day. The thoughts of harming myself have been popping back up again. It’s very difficult. I’m sad and scared. Zoloft was working so well for me. I don’t want to have to try other meds but if my symptoms are coming back…ugh…

Talk to your doctor ASAP. Sometimes you have to try many different drugs until you find the right one. Like I am doing.


Sorry that is happenning to you i hope u figure it out soon though.

Sorry you’re going through this, and @Patrick is right, talk to your pdoc as soon as possible.