Worried for my mom

Lately all she does is drink wine and watch Netflix. She is drunk or at least tipsy way more often than I ever remember her being when I was growing up. And when she is tipsy she can be very embarrassing and even mean. Like she told my 16 year old brother struggling with mental illness as he was helping carry her to bed one night that she felt he was the reason for her marital issues. And last night when I brought my boyfriend over she was drunk/tipsy and was being so mean to me criticizing my outfit and new clothes I was excited to show off to her, saying I was never there for the family and didn’t care about any of them, criticizing his hair, then being embarrassing repeatedly insisting she could cut his hair and then being offended when we disagreed.

When I try to bring these things up with her she brushes them off and acts like it is not a big deal or not as prevalent as I say. My little brother who lives at home (I pretty much live at my boyfriend’s now) says she is like that all the time and she denies this. I am very worried for her and about the possibility of her struggling with alcoholism. She has been under a massive amount of stress this past year with health concerns, family concerns, etc. Does anyone have any advice as to how I could handle this? I plan to talk with my dad about it this weekend.

oh man, I am so sorry…I have a niece that’s a raging alcoholic and causing a bunch of family arguments and trouble right now…wish I could help…

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