Worried and anxious for this weekend

Sunday we have a friend’s kid’s baptism.
It is in the church, then a nice resort/ in one of the villages…

I think there will be around 60 people. Also some people from my first time psychosis.
People I have been humiliated by and also humiliated during the time I met them. The whole situation was horrifying + I harassed the guy during psychosis (maybe messaged him a few times then called him then left some weird messages on Facebook too :flushed:

He is married now but he is the guy I had a form of erotomania to. I thought I should marry him :flushed: for some bizarre reason. Not sure how much of it he knows but we have mutual friends. He and his wife know I am ‘bipolar’ or something.

6 years ahead, he is married. We do not even say hi or have seen each other since 6 years ago. I saw him once in a supermarket, he was embarrassed to see him, his face flushed :flushed: but not sure why as it should’ve been me.

I had never had any feelings other than complete humiliation, embarrassment, and a part of trauma that he had installed cameras in my apartment.

Not sure what I should do on Sunday. Pretend nothing happened at all and also pretend I do not know them at all. His wife and whole family will be there too. :confused: I have his wife on Facebook but never really talk. she comments sometimes on my pictures etc. I do not think they are ‘good’ people.

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oh my! I can see why you’re anxious. You know maybe this can actually turn out to be a really good thing for you. Like a healing thing. Facing the consequences of your illness too.

I’m dumb