Worried about trip

Well my mother, my 2 brothers and I are going for a trip on Easter Weekend. We are going to Toronto and I haven’t been there since I was 4. I’m excited to see it but I also am having a lot of anxiety. I tend to have a lot of anxiety going anywhere, even to the city here and we never have very much crime. Toronto though is a huge city and imagining all of those people scares me. I’m scared once I get there I’ll be robbed or mugged or something of the sort. I feel silly for feeling that but everywhere I go I worry about crime rates. Like I said I even worry about crime rates where I live and we have only had pretty much 1 murder in the past 15 years. This fear also makes it that I don’t like living in a city or staying in a city over night.


Anxiety is not gonna get you down!

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dannyboy. toronto is a beautiful city. even the subways there are nice.

i hope you enjoy your trip.

eat drink and be merry!!! judy

  1. its Canada…lol 2. you will be in a 4 person group…safety in numbers… 3. being anxious about unfamiliar settings is normal… just be careful but don’t let it keep you from enjoying and seeing… i once waited at the bus stop…in downtown Cleveland… for 3 days alone… nothing happened i hired a crackhead named ace to watch my stuff while i ate and used the bathroom…cost 20 bucks and 3 pairs of socks…anyway… this trip with your family sounds way way better than that crap… you can do this…

Going on a flight over seas (my first) about 10 years ago my anxiety was really bad I found my exercise bike really helped in burning of that nervous energy. Think that’s the case with exercise. Take some relaxing music with you as well for the trip there and that helps also. I hope it’s an awesome trip for you.


Thanks guys I’ve always had a fear of these kinds of things. I’m excited to go it’s just I have that anxiety in the back of my head.

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Toronto is fairly safe, unless you are in the bad area’s late at night, which I doubt you will be doing.


all you need is moose repellent, and you’ll be fine, bud. lol lol just kidding. but you’re only going to be there for a while anyways. I don’t anything bad can happen in the timespan of your trip.

I don’t travel because all places are the same to me