Worried about new years

Im super worried tomoorow is new years and im going to end up drinking.

I dont want to but i cant help it. Everyone i know celebrates it with alcohol Its depressing knowing this…


Every day a new year starts. The Dec31 -Jan01 date is just a convention.

Don’t let conventions and numbers bring you down. 13 is definitely not an unlucky number, and did you know that black cats are actually considered to bring good fortune in Japan ?

Our minds are our predicament. Get free of your worries. You can’t control your circumstances (ie if others around you choose to drink) but you can control how you repond to them (ie not drinking).

/end rant :blush:

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Thanks man, some nice advice…


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Its okay to drink if u drink in limit… just my 2 cent…

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@far_cry0 you are not an addict. For an addict it is harder to stop after they start. I know because I am addicted to tobacco.

Best to avoid drinking altogether, @anon20318121. You will feel better about yourself.

My 2 pence :slight_smile:


U are right Andrey …better no to take a drop of it… are u drinking any wine @Andrey…???

I drink very rarely.

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I mean on new year eve… i suggest u to give a company to ur loving father… my father quit alchohol a decade ago…nobodys in my family gonna celebrate New year… happy new year @Andrey … may u start to work soon… best wishes. . Take care homie…

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I think New Year’s Eve is when more people drink than any other time. It boggles my mind why people ring in the new year by drinking, what I consider, a poison.

My father drank himself to death, my brother drinks heavily, and I don’t drink. I don’t associate anything good with alcohol. Just the opposite. It damages your entire body. So no glorification here. And I’m fully aware that no one can make me drink without my consent.

I certainly don’t want to ban alcohol or take away a person’s right to drink. And I don’t cast any judgment on people who do drink.

I choose not to drink.


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