Worried About My New Job

Hi again guys,

I just got hired for a data entry position starting Next year but i’m worried I can’t handle 8 hours a day. It shouldn’t be that hard since all i’d be doing is typing on a computer will it?


Working at home or in an office with others? The hardest parts of my job either involve co-workers or customers.

This position will not involve customers. It will be at an office where I’ll more than likely keying in financial information.

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It depends. How stable are you? How restful is your sleep? How good is your focus?
I started with part time and after testing the water for 7 months I went full time. My job isn’t easy. Maybe I should’ve stayed part time after all. But I know some coping tricks so it’s ok for now.


I’m pretty stable but my concentration is terrible. I’m on vyvanse for it but it still isn’t that good. I have terrible energy as well. I’m worried i’ll me drained after one day of work to return the next day.

You have some time left to reconsider. Try doing a test at home. Spend 8 hours at your PC (lunch break allowed) looking up data and organizing it in a local database. See how you feel at the end of the day.

That’s a good idea.

I’m just worried I won’t get a opportunity like this again for a good company if I can’t handle it.

Opportunities are like buses, another one comes after a while. Especially if you are young (I dunno, are you?). More important than securing a job is managing your mental health, both short AND long term. Stress and fatigue can be very insidious ie they build up inconspicuously and they eat at you from the inside. Please be careful. There is no shame in quitting a job for which you’re not ready. Make an effort to comply but don’t overdo it. As I said, you’ll surely have another shot later.

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Well I’m 30 so I guess I’m still kinda young not sure but yes, I agree about not letting stress build up. I’m also really passive and non confrontational so when I do feel stress at work, I just keep it bottled up and I eventually explode at the end of shift.

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Data entry or typing is very tedious and boring. But depending on the individual’s career personality, these types of job may be suitable for you.

Are you going to work for 5 days, or more?

As long as the data entry isnt too high volume, I shouldnt be bored with the work I’m doing. It’s a 40 hr week job 9-5 Monday to Sunday. I’m guessing I’ll get to pick my days.

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