Worried about my brother

I live with a disability and schizophrenia.

I’m worried about my brother. Every action I do can have consequences, mainly social consequences. What I say about myself have social consequences. If I say something to his friends, or if I act certain way, it will be read as a “crazy” or “wrong” action and his friends would leave. Right now, my brother does not know that I have schizophrenia. My mother and father are too ashamed to tell my brother that I have schizophrenia.

I’m worried about my brother’s social status because I have schizophrenia and physical disability. What about his future wife? Will she still stay with him when he finds out that I have two disabilities? What about his future career? Would the public still accept him when they find out that I have disabilities (note: He wants to be a classical musician)? What about his job? Will he have friends? Will he be able to date and will his girlfriend leave him if she finds out that I have a disability?

I seriously feel like a nuisance. I feel like a shame. My mom told me to never talk about it (including my physical disability) because it’s shameful and it will destroy our family’s lives if I tell others.

I remember that my brother yelled at me when my physical illness almost destroyed me. He also couldn’t tell his friends that I was using a mobility aid because it made him feel ashamed.

I hate it. I hate that I have disabilities. I hate myself and I hate what I am, and who I am.
I’m sorry, brother. You don’t need to have me on this Earth. Life would be easier to live without me.

Shame on your parents and shame on your brother…be proud of your disabilities !! you are a hero for living with the things that you are living with…sorry you hate yourself…try to love something about yourself…


I’m just a normal human being trying to live my life with this disability. But I’m worried about affecting others about it. My family is very hot-and-cold so it really affects me a lot.

im sorry youre having such a tough time…by the way you shouldnt feel stigmatised by your disabilities

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I worry about my brother too

I don’t see how you having a disability could impact brother’s life so deeply.

Is it a cultural thing?

I don’t understand at all.


I guess it’s a culture thing, but I can’t see why having a disability would be penalized by your family members. If anything they should be kinder and more understanding knowing that you have a disability.

@anon54386108 @agent101g @pea @karl
I guess it’s a cultural thing. Plus I’m eldest so I have to take charge of the family, but I don’t think I can do that given that I have a disability. I can’t act as a family head and no younger wife would appreciate that.

I’m sorry for your pain. My family refused to recognize my disabilities and they just pushed and shoved me through life until I finally collapsed. Being diagnosed helped. It was, to me, a blessing even if my family still refused to understand. Other people do understand.

What country are you in? It sounds like your problems are due to something related to your culture. I’m in the U. S. and having a disabled sibling here would not have the same impact as you describe.

@77nick77 @chordy

I live in South Korea. Thank you for understanding.
I know that I shouldn’t think this way, but I feel like I can’t help but think this way…
I remember watching tv and there was this young girl with a brother who has an intellectual disability. Her mom was talking about how her daughter will never get married because of her brother because someone has to take care of him.

I certainly don’t want to be that burden. Sometimes, I think I’m just a nuisance to everyone. I worry a lot about my brother’s future.

I hope things will be good for you and that you will feel better soon and not have to worry.

Disabled people can even marry and live good lives.its possible.

Love to you.:slightly_smiling_face::two_hearts:

Don’t hate yourself. It’s a pity.
It’s time to love yourself

@77nick77 @Om_Sadasiva @SacredNeigh7

I’m worried about not making my brother happy. I’m worried that I will make him sad. Or make him miserable.

That’s why I hate being sz. I ruined my family’s reputation.

I’m sorry that something that’s not your fault like having this disease has the impact that you describe on your family. It must make your life so much harder. You’ve done nothing wrong, you are just unlucky that this disease struck you. Hopefully you can go on with your life and maybe in the future you can be happy and make your brother proud by fighting this disease. It’s nice that you want to make your brother happy but it’s also important to be happy in your own life and live a fulfilling life if you can.

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