Worried about microphones

I’m scared there is a microphone in my neck after I got my neck I had visions of North Korea. They did a scan of my neck and one of the nurses remarked why they were doing more tests than necessary. Someone asked how I could be dictator of NK if I didn’t even speak Korean.

There’s this article here of the technology could work: https://slate.com/technology/2016/03/schizophrenia-and-subvocal-speech-why-people-with-schizophrenia-hear-the-voices-of-god-spies-and-supernatural-entities.html

If they give me thoughts and then put them on microphone then maybe this is how the technology could work. I’m worried now, because I know this could be seen as delusional just as well.

It is delusional. Microphones aren’t implanted and would be unable to work if they were under the skin.

That article has nothing to do with microphones or thoughts. It’s an experiment on how people may actually be speaking g their thoughts.

I’m just worried that if they can put a microphone near your neck and it can work as it did in the article, then they could have this technology. Also my scar feels kind of hard, but I know this could be just the scarring, but the first part of my sentence concerns me more.

Simply not possible. I’m a former audio visual tech who is also an experienced amateur broadcaster. What you’re describing is not a real thing. It seems real to you because you’re suffering from a delusion. This is something to discuss with your treatment team.

They didnt implant any microphone in the article.

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