Worried about losing my mind

I’m in a situation where I feel like I’m losing my mind…i pull myself out of that situation because I feel ill end up in psychosis if I don’t… let’s add to that im not on meds because the communication with mental health team who deals with meds has been hard…

My psychologist sits there and tells me I should have kept going to work… because i don’t proof if ill get into psychosis . …

My proof is I had one before and im protecting myself … if I have a psyxhosis ill be out of work for a year or longer … but if I take myself out to work on it I can go back sooner

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Your psychologist isn’t you. He/she doesn’t know how hard it is on you because they’re not you. If you feel like you’re on the edge of a breakdown if you continue to work, then you’re not currently able to work

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its very frustrating because it feels like not even the pros understand…
The idea is to expose yourself to a situayion until you become less anxious but it wasnt getting better in 3 weeks i wss getting to the point i was losing my mind

I’ve been told repeated exposure helps, but it hasn’t helped me yet.

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yes I was so upset that I had to explain that I’ve had to compromise on a low pay job and work part time and not been able to move out… i feel I’ve wasted my talent just because a low stress job means I’m more able to deal with mental anxiety… i wish I never had to

Repeated exposure works for normies. They develop resilience; ill people can even get more and more fragile which is the opposite.


The weird thing is she was right that if i kept going the axiety might have settled… the thing is though that I’m not so anxious at work…but the amount of time I sit there and think about things that happened the day before … that is when my mind goes overdrive thinking up weird things

so i might not be feeling like everyone hates me in the office, but i feel that way outside of work when I think

I’m sorry Ish I feel the same in my job

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I wish you had a therapist like mine. She won’t let me work more than what I think I can handle. That’s 10 hours ever 2 weeks now. But if the library can afford more, then I will ask for approval.

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The trouble is everything was going OK until i decided I will try to work 6 hours a day instead of 4… because it was febuary and more samples of corona were coming in…