Worried about having to talk to my new neighbours

They leave stuff in the close. Makes it hard to get past and means for sure my grocery delivery people couldn’t get through.

My neighbour I like said something to them but they are still doing it

Can you get your landlord to talk to them ?


Yeah that’s probably what I will have to do.

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Neighbor conflict is a source of stress for everyone. I wish you strength and courage.


In the close? What does that mean? Are they parking on your property or blocking your driveway? If so, call a tow truck. That’ll show them.

I would talk to the new neighbors about it yourself. Normally, I wouldn’t talk to neighbors, but if it is a practical issue and it is affecting access to your place to deliver groceries, then I would talk to them.

I would explain the situation, and be reasonable and ask if they could open the access points.

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