Worried about china taking over the world

Do you think they will enslave and mistreat us?

As long as other countries have nukes that shouldn’t happen. Mutually assured destruction and all that.

China doesn’t stand a chance.

Dont worry about politics
Thats the stupidest invention in the universe

Conquering the world is expensive. It is not worth the expense. China has actually collapsed several times because the expense of foreign wars became too much for the domestic economy to bear.

Although China is becoming a large economy and many countries depend on Chinese imports, the Chinese economy depends on these same nations for its prosperity, and I mean the US, EU and Japan. In any serious conflict, these countries could easily break China in half simply by banning Chinese products into their countries causing the Chinese economy to tumble over night leading to internal civil war and devaluation of the national currency.


you have eased my worries, thankyou.

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China is taking over Africa very fast, if that even matters lol !

I suppose they just expanding !!

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The Pyramids were “made in china”:thinking:


I totally understand your concern as war has been on my mind a lot ever since Trump became President and has basically been throwing rocks at other power hungry world leaders. China is definitely a country we don’t want to piss off. But even though China could inflict some serious damage and destruction, the U.S. has the strongest most advanced military in the world. Our defense budget is MORE THAN China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, France, the UK, and Japan COMBINED!! So even though World War III is always on my mind as a possibility in the near future…I have no doubts we’d be victorious in the end.

I like sushi. Let them take over. Wondering what its like to hear voices in Chinese.

I lived there. Ever since, im a bit fearful of that too.

I hope & suppose they will be hold in check by other big nations. But Europe hasnt got the defending power and the internal cooperation they should, so i do feel somewhat vulnerable.

I wouldnt want China to expand their power, they are even more of a control state as the rest of our governments.

If you are in the USA or Europe you ll probably be fine though.

Yes! That could also be true of the U.S. … It used to make me feel good to see all the RAM pickups on the road because I thought it meant the U.S. was competing well against foreign competitors. Conversely, it also worried me to see all the Toyota Tundra SUV’s, because I thought foreign competitors were making inroads into an area where the U.S. had previously been dominant. Then I found out that RAM pickups were made in Mexico, and Toyota Tundras were made in Tennessee. Go figure.

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