Worried about being buried alive

I was looking at the baseball schedule online and I heard a voice in my head say “I’m going to bury you by then.”

I’m really afraid I’m going to be buried alive.

The voices say if I get a C I’m going to be buried alive forever.

it’s a lie


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No one is going to bury you alive
Those voices can ■■■■ off


Voices are jerks sometimes. Just ignore it.

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I know I’m going to be buried alive and no one can help me. The voices even told me where they will bury me. It’s very frustrating. They say I have to quit college or they will bury me.

I want help but it feels like no one can help me. I don’t want to quit college but they keep telling me to quit, or else.

You won’t be buried. Don’t worry!

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The voices told me that they buried me under the house where I live. They tell me that I have to go down into the crawlspace under the house and dig a hole 6 feet deep. They say if I don’t do it I will be trapped down there forever.

Thank you for the responses. I’m sorry. I’m just miserable all the time. I really feel like I’ll be trapped forever.

I want help but I feel like no one can help me.

medicine can help

Does he take medicine!?


not sure yet


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I’m taking 600 mg Clozaryl and 4 mg Haldol. I still hear voices all day long.

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Your doing everything you can!

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@SnowTiger. If some random stranger on the street told you to dig a 6 ft deep hole in the crawlspace, would you do it? No, you would not!

So why would you listen to random voices telling you something like that? Just ignore the voices. I would encourage you to tell your pdoc your current symptoms and hopefully they can adjust you meds to help reduce the voices.


you should remember that there is no physical person telling you this.

something that is not physically human cannot bury you. those voices do not have physical bodies.

the voices only can talk. they cannot take action. they have no power

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They say they will teleport me. I’ve seen things get teleported too. I once saw my dad vanish in a flash of light. I saw a leaf teleport too. I was listening to music and I saw a leaf vanish from my desk. They say if I get a C then I’ll just vanish in a flash of light and be transported into a coffin.

Voices know nothing, they don’t even exist…

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Don’t listen to them. They not only lie, they are not real. They are created by your sz brain. Born from an illness.


I often have nightmares of having an autopsy done on me while I am still alive. That is one of the scariest nightmares I ever get. And I’ve had a lot of terrifying nightmares.

I think they are fears everybody get through. Basically it’s all about getting killed.When I believed in Jesus I was scared to get crucified.

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