Worried about a friend

So I feel guilty and concerned and worried. There is this girl I’m friends with and I do have feelings for her. She tried to come stay with me and my mom but she was so unstable and acting so crazy that I told her to stay with her parents. Well she ended up homeless and on the street and I haven’t heard from her in two weeks. She said something about moving to boston but she wasn’t making any sense. Everything she was saying was incoherent. I think she had feelings for me too but she hasn’t responded to any emails since the one she sent me that linked me to her twitter profile and asked me where i lived. Again, its been two weeks since I’ve heard from her. I tried going to her house and I knocked at the door but nobody answered even though there were three cars out front. Her dad won’t talk to me for some reason when i try to call. I just want to know that she’s alright but i’m worried. If she got hurt and its my fault that would be horrible. My mom thinks she is in the hospital, which might be the case, but when i called around to the hospitals i couldn’t find her. I don’t know what is happening and why i can’t find her. What do you guys think?

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Does she have mental illness?

I know it has to worry you, but on a second note if she cared for you at all she wouldn’t have just left you hanging and would’ve reached out to you.

Just my opinion.


Yeah i think she is schizo. I know she has psychosis


Maybe if you succeed in reaching her tell her to take her meds. But maybe at this point its too late and she needs forced hospitalization.

The stuff she says makes no sense. This is some stuff from her twitter page

#bill gates save Violetta! Her and charlie got lost in Willis workiE tonkE factorY they blamed it all on the oomph loompas but I never trusted that VIOLET and awilly and Charles #suspicousch4racters

Oops I did it…hit me baby one more time…21!! No I want 222 this1…pokedistrict of …ure fun in 2017…in 2021 ure no phun. They take some Polaroids and let you go try to let you know who dis Tomgal major lady Tron?" -LadyTron 17 and the end tapes twilight/the house of yes&no

Is she sending me coded messages or are these positive symptoms?

These are clearly positive symptoms, disorganized thoughts and word salad more precisely.

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She sent me a message asking for my address on may 31st. The last time she updated her twitter profile was june 1st. I have no clue where she is and i’m concerned.

So it turns out she’s ok. I got an email from her saying that she’s in the mental hospital. I guess her behavior landed her there, but at least she is safe. I just feel such a sense of relief. Thank god she is ok.