Worldwide fund raising campaign for schizophrenia!

hi guys!! what about starting a worldwide campaign like ice bucket challenge for raising funds for schizophrenia?? it can surely help. reply all. thanks and cheers!!

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**Sounds good to me but-no ice buckets! :wink: **

Right - no ice buckets.

I’d give anything for something that could get rid of my symptoms.


If it’s ok to ask what kind of symptoms do you have, crimby?

I don’t know how to describe them. I guess you could say it’s a social phobia that makes me extremely uncomfortable around people. There are behavioral problems that go with it. I know I can’t be pleasant for other people to be around because it is so unpleasant for me. I sure wish I could relax around people.

I think that there should be a worldwide fund raising campaign for schizophrenics.
I need some money. Currently I am not living at the Canadian defined poverty level, but am living on 1/2 of what is listed as poverty level.

Yeah, ALS had ice bucket because the symptoms felt like having a bucket of ice water thrown over you. I don’t know what we could do. Bad LSD trips?

insane zombie challenge :smiley: whatever we need to do something. there is almost zero improvement over medications over past many years. we can’t waste our life like this :’(

We need better press coverage. We need a mascot. ALS had Lou Gehrig (it was actually called Lou Gehrig’s disease for a while), depression has had a who’s who of writers, OCD had Monk (I don’t know if you saw the show but I thought it was a pretty good representation), and AIDs has just about every celebrity that can hold a microphone.

I don’t think we need more funding perse, we need more political influence to get better, safer drugs out into the market. Antipsychotic meds has saved our lives, no doubt, but we struggle everyday with negative symptoms and side effects associated with the illness and medication. With that in my mind, make sure you rock the vote next year! Instead of monetary offerings, let us develop a petition to get more information/ awareness/ funding for our medication and treatment! That is where the real change will take place.