Worlds oldest man smokes 12 cigars/cigarettes a day


Cigars are much healthier than cigarettes, they have no bad chemicals like cigarettes.

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Genetics also determine lifespan. He has good genes.


This lady is the world’s oldest woman.

She smoked normal cigarettes all her life.



Strangely Enough My Spiritual Sense Of ‘Certifiable’ Expertise & Delusional Self Explanation Goes Like Thus:::~ I Don’t Know These People. So. I Cannot Explain Exactly Who, What, When, Why, Or How Such An Experience Happens For Such Individuals. While Many Seemingly Innocent Individuals Pass Away Within A Much Younger, Seemingly Innocent Sphere Of Existence. Not Saying That These Older Folks Have Done Anything In Harm To Anyone, Even Themselves. But!, As Someone Who Asked The Lord Above To Give Me A Heart Attack. So. I Could Meet All My Pup Friends On The Red Hot Chili Peppers~ ‘Otherside’. Side. To End All Thus Loneliness/Isolation/Sadness/Misery. All I Can Say is Thus:::~ Earth May Seem Troubled. Chaotic. Sad. Lost. Hopeless. In Tears, Agony, Selfish Regret. Swimming Within Endless Nightmares And Storms Of Eerie Horror.

But!, Fear Not!. These People Prove, That, Even After The Worst Storms. There Is Always Another Sunrise To Give It Another Shot.

Great Posts @Green!. I Hope Everyone Gets To Read About How Living A Long Life Doesn’t Have To Add Up To Subtracting Things You Truly Enjoy. . . . . . .

He got lucky with the genetic lottery.

I bet his breathing must still be horrible though.


I’m not encouraging smoking tobacco, but I found it interesting.

I watched these people on YouTube and they have a positive outlook on life.

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Nice article!! That guy’s picture looks like he’s 70 or 80. Wow

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i like the guy. watched the video many times. he passed in 2019 at age 112 and was also the worlds oldest living ww2 vet. not sure if he was the oldest man in the whole world tho


i doubt it. cigars arent inhaled like cigarettes so they dont really have any effect on the lungs

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If I could get a guarantee that I could smoke and not get serious health problems I’d start again in a second.

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Cigars still cause throat and mouth cancer.


the risk is reduced compared to cigarettes considering how common it is for cig smokers to smoke a pack a day while most cigar smokers usually have them occasionally.

in regards to him he smoked 12 cigars a day for over 90 years and never got any smoking related illnesses. everyones different

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this is funny. everyone here promoting non-smoking yet there are always exceptions to the norm. wd40 on my achy joints… I’m gonna try that lol


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