Worlds first mobile phone (1922)

yeah so idk if anyone is interested but i reckon this was shown in cinemas or ‘picture houses’ as they were called in 1922 or it was shot in 1922 and shown later but it is amazing to think that they had the technology almost 100 years ago to make a mobile phone/ipod type thing,

the ladies use a reciever which they ground to a fire hydrant and an umbrella as an ariel to pick up the signal, the person sending the signal tals briefly ad then puts a record on for them to listen to wirelessly haha, it is pretty amazing, here is the video from pathe on youtube, you can subscribe and recieve a whole wealth of footage throughout the ages lol, and its free, heres the footage-

it is quite hard to believe that it was possible back then but i truly believe that this is authentic footage and proof that it could be done back then, i thought this was interesting so thats why i posted it, i love my mobile phone.

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