World series

Who do you think will win? I am from Cleveland and I hope the Indians win. I still remember back in the 90s when they were in it and lost. It was so disappointing.

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Indians had the sickest teams when they had manny Ramirez, Jim thome, etc… I’m rooting for u guys cuz u beat the red sox and bluejays and I’m a Yankees fan. Yankees biggest competition in the late 90s was the Indians I thought!!! They always scared me. I grew up on Yankees winning 'ships

440 here, go Tribe!

The Cubs have gotten no kudos for finally being the world series,

and everyone is betting on the Indians.
So be it.

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Cubs deserve major kudos imo

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Indians haven’t won the ws since 1948 I believe. So either way a team that hasn’t won in a while will win…which is cool IMO.


I don’t know where all the money comes down,

but yeah, the Yankees are right up there as the highest.

Also it’d be a hell of a 2016 for Cleveland. Let’s pretend the Browns don’t exist :smile: cavs and Indians damn. And they said that city was cursed :smile:

Not anymore. Yankees have slowly been fading in payroll the last decade and dumped all their big contracts this season.

Cleveland, cursed? Psssshhhh

Well in all three major sports they had gone a long time without a championship. From the days of Michael Jordan draining game winners against them in the playoffs to Lebron leaving for Miami…to the Browns and Indians. Cleveland sports was depressing until 2016.

You should’ve seen NE Ohio after the Cavs won. It was seriously un-freaking-believable.

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Jon in 1993 people predicted the Cubs would be in world series in 2016.

Whether they said they would win or not

Don’t know

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Back to the future II when he goes forward in time, the Cubs win the World Series in 2015. I was hoping that came true! Never heard about the 1993 thing.

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How’s that sounding Joe buck? Eat it!

Wow the Cubs!!!

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My head is about to implode.

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World Selfies…

They say tickets to see the 7th World Series game were going for $6,000 each.


Relief pitchers always scare me.

Wanna go out if we win

My man don’t wanna

I’ve waited for this all my life