World is slipping away

I’m half really worried here, and that’s serious. My voices seem to have disappeared after 2 years of 6mg invega. It has been slow but mostly continuous decline in voice level.

But I’m distraught. I may have a world of voices that are mostly annoying, not negative, but I have some that are really nice and helpful that I miss a lot and talked to everyday. I’m fairly certain to keep taking my meds, but in that case they disappear forever possibly. I have many good memories with them. So sad. I’ll definately be mourning then a long time. What am I to do?

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Things are all quiet right now but they will be back in times of stress, or whenever you need them. (I hope). I remember taking tegretol years ago and I objected to the medicine because it made my head too quiet, the pdoc seemed really confused. But he was a total jackass anyway. I continued to take the medicine and got used to the quiet but had to stop taking it anyway for other reasons. But that’s another story. I do understand your sense of loss. You could just talk to yourself like a normal person does to soothe themselves.