Workout progress plus sleep issue

These are my workout progress

I believe Exercise is the best medicine…

Anyway,for the past three weeks my sleep has been messed up,past week I been sleeping only 5-6 hours on average a day.There is a few reasons,it might be my job change,my gaming addiction or simply insomnia.So guys,what can I do about it lol


I’d do anything to look like that, except diet and exercise. If your insomnia is recent, then it could be the job change.

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“A healthy mind in a healthy body.”

You would need both physical health and mental health. I can see you could have less concern for your physical fitness. Maybe it is time to change your gaming habit, just a thought.

maybe you can ask yourself “what were you doing on the days when your sleeping habits were good?”

from there, you can make a list of activities that have changed. then search that list for the easiest activity that you can change. investigate that activity and see if your sleeping improves. If your sleeping doesn’t improve, then cross that activity off of your list. then search your list and find the next easiest activity that you can change. do you see the pattern here?

that is a natural approach. you should talk with a doctor about your sleeping habits. doctors might be expensive, but sleep is important especially for a worker.

you could also buy medicine for the sleeping issue. but unless your doctor guides you there, I don’t really suggest doing that. I’m the type of guy who doesn’t like using medicine and drugs for matters that can be easily resolved with a little effort.

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Hey @Gtx1990 Are u still continuing ur job…!!!

Try drinking less caffeine if it’s a huge problem for u.

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id trade your 5-6 hrs of sleep for me sleeping 10-12hrs and still waking up tired lol