Working with a diagnosis a diagnosis of sz

I was diagnosed with sz about 40 years ago but it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I really felt like I could go back to work. I just want to let you know this because I think there are a lot of us that could go back to work after a sz diagnosis earlier in their life and find it quite satisfying… If we learn the recovery concepts and apply them I think our ability to go back to work really sky rockets. I waited way to long in my life but I hope you can go back to work and have more money and more purpose in life. Go for it learn the recovery principles and go for it. The recovery principle are there at SAMHSA. just google it. Or go to RI International. Good luck!


Work is integral to my self worth I forcedyself to get a job after my first episode.

I work with reasonable adjustments and I do just fine.

wish i could work but my poverty of speech is bad so are alot of other negatives symtoms im applying for ssi i think its enough for me im in my 20s

Way to go guys!

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