Working while on SSDI

You have to report your earnings. If its under $910 per month, it doesn’t count as a work trial. Best way to try to figure it out is to go to SSA website and review their info on it. The SSA system is very complicated and hard to understand. Plus other people can give you bad info. That’s why I recommend looking at their site.

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Ok. Thanks @jassy22

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I’ve worked off and on while on SSDI. My dad usually deals with most of the heavy paperwork involved with that. My only advice, is to report your income to the SS office. You can do it online

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I am in the extended period of eligibility and they aren’t paying me anymore. I don’t report anything anymore.

I make $65,000 a year now but during my trial work months I was making more than 10 grand a month some months. I was making $400 a day part time. I reported it all and when my 9 months were up they let me stay on it.

So for 9 months you can make all you want but if you stay under $910 it doesn’t count as a trial work month.

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I just called a disability attorney. They said until I’m making $910 in one month I don’t have to report my earnings. So you were right @TomCat.

I’ve got the same deal. My ex-boss works with disabled people and knows about SSDI. A few years ago she scheduled me for more hours than I usually work and I explained to her that it would put me over the limit. She told me not to worry and told me she can either call SSDI herself or wrote them a letter or have me explain to them myself that she is aware of the rule about going over the limit but it was her fault and it would only go over the limit for a couple paychecks. Social Security was fine with that and I earned more money than I was supposed to for a month and didn’t lose my benefits.

I don’t know if this is standard policy for Social Security all over the country but I live in California and it saved my benefits.

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given how expensive it is in cali, and the higher wages there, that state should almost have limits just for that state. a special exception.


Does that really make sense? If you are collecting disability because SSA considers you unable to work and you don’t report to them that you started working? They do want you to notify them if you start and stop working regardless of how little it is. If you are on ssdi not ssi, they have an app that you can report it to as well. I refer you to page 5 of this booklet.

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