Working Out

This is mainly to you Mortimer Mouse, I just want to give you support and encouragement to keep working out, even if you don’t think you are seeing total benefits, even if you still have addictions, it is so good for you.

Back when I wasn’t on meds yet, I had two disabled babies, and I was getting sick. I actually could not be sick. I had too much to do. And I couldn’t afford a gym membership, or leave my house to go run, so I did jazzercise in my basement. You do what you have to do.

I never drank. Rarely smoked. But I did this like dancing every day. I would come upstairs and say to my kids, “Better.” It obviously doesn’t replace meds, but it takes a lot of the edge off.


I workout everyday,I can’t image if I didn’t exercise…my life would probably be much worse after all

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Way to Go Gtx! I think it can be hard sometimes to keep it up, but so important to fight thru that.


Thank you.i guess you workout/exercise too,keep it up on your part too!!

Heavy ass weights contributed to saving my life, among other things like the professions of psychiatry and psychology and insight on my part.

I did tricep push downs the whole stack on the machine 10 sets of 10 yesterday, much arms, very guns, such dangerous, wow.

But honestly my workout obsession combined with my training (I am certified in hand to hand combat at a respectable rank) just makes me stigmatized. My thesis is on stigma, I even chose a dangerousness scale for my experiment. I would radically skew the results if I was an example for the experiment, that is, if they read about a day in my life or my background they would see me as potentially extremely dangerous. But I’m not. I’m more of a danger to myself and everyone who knows me, actually knows me like for years and years knows that for a fact. I used to be insane. Like legally insane. I’ve come a long way.

I have a right to forge my body into a weapon.


You remind me of a young me.

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