Working out!

@Montezuma. Thank you! Good night!

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You’re amazing! I don’t think I could do it. I wouldn’t know how to modify the moves so I could do them

I’m trying to do the splits as well… I am doing these stretches to do it every day for about 15minutes.

I started yoga a few days ago too with the ps4 yoga master game. It is tough going, but I am enjoying it.

@ZmaGal I use Pinterest to figure out what to do… It’s slightly painful to stretch a little more each day but after I feel so much better after my hips and knees pop a few time!

@labratmat try Pinterest… I’ve been doing the stretches from Pinterest and while I wasn’t even close I am now close… Also I realize that it’s gonna hurt a bit… That seems to be the nature of the beast as they say… After all of that I pop and feel amazing the next day


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