Working only 75%?

Saw my psychologist today. She adviced me to work 75% instead of 100%. It is to prevent episodes from coming. I don’t know what to do. Is it a good idea?

Listen to her advice,it should probably be right…I do my job at 70%,but would hope to put in more effort and make it 90% in 5 years time…everyone is different,it’s good to try your best in work but if it affect your mental health which we are weaker in then it might not be worth it

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Yes if a doc advises you to back off, you don’t have to push it.

Missing a few marbles, I’m only 75% there when I work. but I try to give 110% so no one knows

Key is not to get close to stressing yourself out.

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Ok. I’ll take the doc’s advice on this one.

It depends. Here most doctors say that a job works like a therapy. If you don’t get pushed or stessed in your job, it’s better to continue 100%. I wish I could work too, but in a good environment.


Does he mean cut hours?

Or does he mean don’t stress and take work home… and try to fix other peoples mistakes on the job?

If it’s the second one… I agree.

If it’s the first one… as long as you have the money you need… it sound’s like Ok advice.


It’s cutting hours.

if it doesn’t affect your mental health,its good to put in 100% to work when working and forget work when your out to play and relax on offday…hope you understand my statement


I have about two episodes/year. Usually the first one in april/may. She wanted me to avoid another episode this spring and thought it would be a good idea to cut hours and making my weekends work free. I work two weekends every month.