Working on stamina?

Anyone have any tips for working on stamina?

Ive been very secluded and isolated the last month. Barely going out at all.
Went to the shops (short 10 minute walk each way) just now and I was sweating so much it was insane.

Need to get back to the gym but Im so nervous about starting again. I will have lost my previous fitness levels completely.

Im also so much more anxious going out than I was a month ago :frowning:

I have the same problem once in a while. I try to breathe easily and think about the worst case scenario - in my case i can faint when anxious - but then i say to myself, well, iā€™m not dying, there is no real danger and i probably wont faint anyway.

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Start small and increment. What I find is that my body tells me when I done enough.

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