Working on music obsession

Do any of you find that your interest in music is overbearing and even confining? The reason I ask is because, from the time I was about 15, I’ve found solace in it. Although at times I know I’ve hid behind it or used it as a security blanket. I think for about the past week, I’ve been trying to get by with as little as possible. There’s more that I want to do with my life, and if i’m going to move out on my own, it’s time to get down to brass tacks and cut back.

I find solace in it too. I wouldn’t call it an obsession though, but I listen to quote a lot.

Music is very therapeutic for me. I worked in record stores as a teenager and it really stoked my appetite for music. Minor obsession.

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e(Y)e’m Curious , We All Know What Curiousity Does to PUPS (!) , So What’s Thus All About (???)

There is nothing wrong with finding solace in music.
can`t imagine this world without it!