Working on book 2

So for fun, I thought I’d post the newest work from my second book. There’s been a lot going on, I just wanted to share what I’ve done after not writing for a very long time. This was all last night. Let me know if it reads well.

“Looks like you all had a problem.” He looked at me. “Glad you made short work of them.”

“Yeah. We ran into an issue with one of the women we had left here. Turns out one was crazy as a loon.” I answered. “We lost one of our group, though.”

“Let’s talk about it.” Sam motioned for me to follow. We wormed our way past the Hummer and entered the store. I sat on the cluttered counter while Sam listened to me explain everything that had happened since leaving the hospital.

He wiped a hand over his eyes. “We haven’t seen anything like Brandon. I mean that literally, we haven’t seen him and also that we haven’t ever come across a mix like that. I don’t have any idea what will happen.”

I shook my head, this wasn’t going to make Eli happy. Me, either. “We should assume he is going to calm down like the infected vampires.” I looked toward the door. “Eli will not let anyone kill Brandon.” I didn’t need to add that I wouldn’t allow it unless it was a last resort.

“We will just contain him.” Sam leaned against a pillar. “So are you ready for orders?”

“I thought I was in charge.”

Sam smiled. “Change of plans. The Council wants you to do something more…” His smile grew. “…fun.”

Oh ■■■■.

“Come on.” I stared into his eyes, remembering this had been my friend, but now seemed to relish my discomfort. “What now?”

“They want you to grab a doctor. Guy is a genius. Holed up near where we grew up. .” He shrugged. “It’s going to be rough.”

“How far has this spread, Sam?” I needed to know.

“All over New York.” He grimaced. “And it’s spreading. We need this doctor to help stop the virus.”

“■■■■.” I couldn’t leave yet though. “I dont know about leaving right now. We have to find Brandon.”

His eyes softened slightly. “Layne, we’ll find him. I promise. We’ll contain him and keep him safe until you get back…with the doctor.”

“I’ll talk to his brother.” I knew he wasn’t going to like it at all.

We went back outside to meet with the others. Sam gathered his squad and they left for the next street. I hoped in a way they wouldn’t find Brandon because whatever he was now was going to be difficult to contain. I didn’t want either of them hurt. Or dead.

Chapter 7

Eli wasn’t happy. The new holes he’d put in the walls of Rob’s hideout were proof of that.

“So why the ■■■■ do you think that I would agree to leave this city while Brandon is out there?” His eyes turned on me, full of fire. “I refuse. Do you hear me? I ■■■■■■■ refuse.”

“Eli, I know you want to find him, just listen to me. Sam and I have a lot of experience containing…”

He interrupted. “Containing.You want to contain Brandon. You want to put him in a cage or something?” His gaze grew hotter. “Just how are they going to contain him?”

“If you would let me finish, I could tell you what I think.” I sighed. This was hard. “I think that Sam knows what he is doing and won’t hurt Brandon. I worked with him, remember? He will make sure he is safe while he…goes through whatever it is that he is going through.”

“What about me? “ Rob joined in. “I don’t have anything better to do.”


Excellent @anon4362788!


Thanks, @Wave ! I was trying to work and juggle kids. So a bit worried it isn’t up to par.

I have a few typos. Haven’t used my laptop is a long time. Grtting used to it again. Going to fix now.


Very good!!! I’ve heard it can take a while to write a book. Did you have to put in research? I know for example folks who write historical fiction have to do research.

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I do, @Loke . I have to fact check and research anything I put in that I don’t know about. Last book I had to check on bullet making.


Hell yes. I like it. Keep going.


Great so far! I like that you say you do research to make things factual within your story.

I found writing dialogue in my book very daunting…good work…nice flow and feel.

Full respect to follow through on writing a book.

I have 20,000 words of a sci-fi novel written that serves as an alternate history for how humanity began on this planet, but unfortunately because it’s based on a deep seated ‘delusion’ I had, I find it difficult to engage with without getting upset that no one would believe me when I had this ‘grandiose delusion’

Might try something that might be more enjoyable that I have a prospect of finishing.

What process have the writers of the forum been through in developing a subject matter? Is it personal? Detached? Pure fiction based on genre interests??

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