Working in rehabilitation centre

I have some progress with job searching. There are some interviews. I think it is less stressful working in the rehabilitation centre than working in the government. I just made a call to try out a position in the centre. The responsible person told me the job specifications and i think great i can manage that! I think it might work out fot me.


So i have a job interview today and I’m stressed. I can’t get my mind off it. I wish i could get a relatively stable job so i dont need to do job searching all the time.

This week i have a lot of job interviews. I really need to hang in.

Best wishes to you. Keep me posted.

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Good luck goggles! Job interviews can be stressful for sure, but hang in there and someone is bound to give you a job!

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Good luck goggles, hope you find the right job for yourself.

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