Working for my dad

Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has had success working for a family member. I’ve worked for my dad for almost 6 years and was able to work with him even when I was in my most severe psychosis. It’s just a manual labor job and I don’t make much, but its the only job I’ve ever been able to hold down. All my other jobs I’ve either quit or been fired from within a few months because of sz.

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I used to work for my father at his oil company, but in the end I quit. It wasn’t a healthy work environment for me. It’s good that you’re able to work with family effectively.


On 80mg Latuda I was able to work with my mother at her accounting office. I worked with Excel, accounting softwares and scanned/digitized documents.


I worked for my sister for about two months when she started her own small business. Apparently, I did really good. She sent me a ‘thank you’ card saying I really came through. She also hired my nephew and her best friends two sons. I easily outworked them and she paid me more than them.

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