Working can b inspiring and rewarding!

I’ve been working full time again for a year come April 11! I’m proud of myself and although quite stressful at times it is manageable. I’ve learned through doing the WRAP plan written by Mary Ellen Copeland how to keep the effects of stress under control. I’m also finding it very rewarding to have structure n my life instead of just hanging out! Take care guys!


Good going @JeffSimpson11 . :sunny:

Congrats! that’s a real achievement

not possible for everyone - but kudos :slight_smile:

Thank so much guys!

I feel the same about my job :slight_smile:

That’s GREAT news! I agree working is really good for you. It gives you a sense of purpose and interaction with people outside your sphere. And the sense of achievement can’t be topped!

My recovery has come a long way since returning to work!

Right on Turtle!:turtle:

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and a condensed version …
where it states:
work is generally good for mental and physical health, and wellbeing
work can help in recovery from injury or illness
an early, supported return to work can reduce the risk of longer term disability.