Working as an MHT?


I’m starting a job as an MHT, obviously a bit terrified. Going into it with the mantra “worst thing that can happen is I can’t handle it and get fired or have to quit, not the end of the world”. Any thoughts? Experience? Words of encouragement?


What is an MHT?


MHT stands for Mental health technician. It’s the person who manages the patients at a behavioral health hospital. Basically the orderly. Im terrified


Give it your best shot. Yeah, you’re right: give it your best effort but if it gets bad just walk out. You can always try another job when you’re feeling better.


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Taking a leap like this is praiseworthy as this is where real growth in recovery comes from. Well done, you.



Oh I would love that job! Good luck, just remember to keep work at work and home at home. Dont bring drama to or from work and you’ll do fine!

Also be very patient with your patients, I’m assuming you have some sort of mental illness to be posting on this forum, so you will be able to relate better to your patients! Your mental health is a strength for this job, not a weakness.


Sounds powerful.




I find this step to be commendable. I would imagine/guess that you’d see stuff that conjures up old feelings, memories and thoughts. As you spend time there, I’d recommend you discuss any transference with a therapist as you may find yourself empathizing too much and forgetting that you’re now on the outside looking in. But kudos to you on self-improvement and advancement! Just please make sure you’re looking after yourself and the job doesn’t become a psychological burden. I believe with the right support and guidance, you could be tremendous at this job as you’d have unique insight and probably coping skills that other techs may be unaware of.


My advice is that any new job will seem horrible and impossible for the first couple weeks. You’ll be brand new, doing something you’ve never done before, and it will take time to establish a routine you’re comfortable with. Give yourself this time, and don’t make any decisions about whether to quit until you’ve been doing it for at least a month.

I worked in behavioral therapy for a long time. It can be very rewarding, but also very stressful. You’ll see things that might be very triggering and upsetting for you. You might see patients being restrained. You might see patients trying to hurt themselves, each other, or you. You might see people begging to be let out, or trying to escape. You’ll need to have a positive outlet for the stress. I joined a laser tag league to help me cope. It helped me work the extra adrenaline out of my system after a hard day.

Book some extra therapy appointments for the first couple weeks on the job, and maybe continue with them indefinitely. It helps to have someone to talk to. Your coworkers can become valuable confidants on hard days. Be aware that the ones who have been there a long time might be burnt out, and may have started seeing the patients as just a lump of symptoms, rather than people. That’s common in the field. If you feel this starting to happen to you, talk with your therapist.

And congratulations! Working in behavioral health can be so amazing and rewarding, and it’s helpful to have people in the business who know what it’s like to be on both sides of the system.

Feel free to message me any time if you have any questions, or want to talk about your job. I did that for six years, so I’ve got some stories to share!


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