Worked out tonight

I worked out hard tonight


Awesome! I was going to, but I didn’t instead. Maybe tomorrow.

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Come on you can do it!


Wow, go you. I’m trying to lose weight without exercising.


Good on you! Exercise is one of the best things with this illness.

Take care :v:

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Nice! I’ll go jogging today.

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woke up today and my back started hurting. trying to stretch it out, but bedridden for now. If my back felt better, I’d jog with you.

Funny too, because I always stretch after exercising. but something happened yesterday and I forgot to stretch. maybe that’s why my back hurts.

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I would jog with too :smile:! Sadly we’re not in the same city.

It’s raining here, but I think I’ll jog even under the rain.

Sometimes my back hurts (I’ve got a discal herniation). Pilates helped me a lot.

I hope your back gets better.


I did a one hour yoga workout, and burned roughly 550 calories! Thank you for the inspiration!

No problem at all!

thanks dude. recently I do 30 minutes of walking every weekday, rain or shine. I just wear a raincoat. walking for 30 minutes, in the rain, can get very wet. so I can’t imagine what jogging would do! and I’m quite sure it would be hard to jog in such weather.

I might try pilates, if regular lower back stretches don’t help.

I was thinking of skipping exercise today, but I think I can still do exercise and just avoid agitating the spot. I usually only skip exercise when I do too much pushups or something and unintentionally injure my arm.

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Way to go guys!! I worked out today as well

@Ninjastar 550 calories burned wow!!! Nice!

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Wearing a raincoat is a good idea. It stopped raining now, but I have to take care of my nephews. Tomorrow I’ll do Pilates at least.

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I didn’t exercise today, the soreness from Sunday still hasn’t gone away. If I run today tomorrow my legs will feel dead. I wish I could do some exercise other than running (like you) but I don’t have any creativity. Running just feels like the most efficient way to burn calories.

Try zumba! It’s fun and you work your whole body!

I might give it a go, is it on YouTube or do you have to pay for it?

I prefer yoga to zumba, because it comes with a built-in naptime!

You have to buy the videos or go to a class.

I don’t want to go to a class? I feel like I’ll feel stupid doing the moves in front of everyone. But they definitely have it at our local community center.

I agree so I bought the DVDs and do it at home while everyone is asleep

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