Worked in a library one summer

Was a lot of fun. Remember a woman there took a shine for me and started wearing lots of make up when I was in. Then she saw me making a roll up and she thought I was making a joint and she never talked to me again! Ha!


could try it again if you want

Phil smokes those too, and I worry about getting pulled over.

glad you’re still going out (last night) Jim.

I’m having such a hard time lately doing anything stimulating other than coffee and smokes.


Hey @Daze.

Thanks for your kind words. Yeah I had a good time but it ended up using a fair bit of my spending money.

Coffee and smokes are a classic combination. I love them. You hold try roll ups - they work out a lot cheaper. In the end I much preferred rolling tobacco.


Hi @Jimbob speaking of roll-up tobacco I ordered a corn-cob pipe. Do you have those in the U.K.? I am pretty excited about using it. I really want to get off the cigs.

Take care. :v:

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Never heard of a corn-con pipe. Is it like a normal, Gandalf style, tobacco pipe?

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The base of it is made out of a corn cob. It’s a very basic tobacco pipe. They’re pretty cool. I’ll post a pic when I get it. :slight_smile:

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Aw, social gaffes are inevitable, it makes me stiff around people.


I used to volunteer at the towns library. It was relaxing and since I was there more I checked out books all the time. I like the library!

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