Work work work all day

All day everyday and then nothing


It’s good you are able to work and earn.

I applied for partial disability. I simply can’t work full time any more. It will be hard on my economy.

I miss working. I quit work in 2020.


I know what you are going through.

Where have you been? @Jake

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I loved working earning some money. I didn’t budget at all back than. I always had money. These days i haven’t got anything to do. No money to spend and so much time not knowing what to do. It seems i can’t find the right goal which apply to me.


Well I don’t know what kind of work you do but it’s currently the weekend and working during the weekdays earns me income.


Being unemployed and collecting disability does make you realize why we humans need employment. A job provides higher income than disability as well as a job duty that satisfies the good work we have done for the firm we work for.

I hope one day you will rejoin the workforce and contribute to your country’s economy. Instead of extracting tax money for the government and therefore tax dollars from taxpayers, you will be a taxpayer yourself like the majority of the population.


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