Work stress interferes with my sex life

I have been having issues with the mother of the girl I care for. She is a classic difficult parent who is never pleased and has unrealistic expectations for her kid. Today I finally had enough and had a talk with her about the stress she is causing me. I also reminded her that I choose to work, but I am not in a position where I have to work. The unspoken implication was that if she doesn’t chill out I may have to leave, and then they would have no help from anyone. Really, they need me more than I need them.

Confronting people is hard for me, especially in a work setting. I have been crying off and on for hours now. And all I wanted to do was relieve some stress with sex, but when I am emotional, no matter how much I want it, I just can’t lube up enough for anything to actually happen. I am so angry with myself about this!

I think I can help you with that…


Sorry cj… perhaps a bath would help you unwind enough to allow the distraction


Try some self exploration … often the mind is at odds with the bodies and the natural scheme of things doesn’t happen…yes there’s other help and use it!!

I find a good orgasm frees the soul…even if I’ve been out of a relationship for a while!

A friend in the struggle,


I hope you feel better soon…

Stress kills it for me too… I have to deal with the stress first… and then I can calm the mind enough for sex.

Good luck :v:

Good news everyone! Today work was better, and sex was had!


lol just lol. You’ve got a lot to work on, brew.

Wow this is a very sensitive and intimate issue. but if you are looking for some advice then i can give you some advice. You need to, after coming home from work, completely forget about the negative experiences and focus on new things. Have some really good food that you enjoy to take your mind of the stress, have a massage or read an entertaining book. Isolation is also the best cure for this. What i mean by it is that you darken your room and turn off any distraction available including the internet and focus primarely on your partner. When getting private you can put on blindfolds or whatnot and imagine some hot carribean stud is doing you (whatever your dreams might be) helps releave you of stress and be in the present moment rather than being in some other place with your mind. anyways thats just my two cents. take care.

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Now this is something that I can confidently chime in on.

Go ti Amazon. Com and get a 34oz for like 20 some bucks its called “PASSIONS” natural water.

I don’t have a sex life and it doesn’t bother me. It used to but I’ve transcended the need for sex or relationships. I’m quite content being alone and being a virgin. Sex is messy, there is a risk of STDs, and there are often strings attached-- monetary as well as emotional.

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It sucks getting older with back problems ,I have a pinched nerve that cuts off the feeling downstairs.

No I get ‘boners’ as you so eloquently put it …its just that if i don’t get ‘in’ real quick I might fail

let’s get this straight buddy , im strait as ararrow and my dick might not be much BUT ITS FUNCTIONAL