Work progress

Had to get up at 5 this morning and went to work. I think I forgot to take my meds. That or I really just hurt myself.

They have me pretending to be a fighter or attack pilot doing close air support. I was an assault support pilot so I am trying to figure it out. Not familiar with all the weapons and their employment but I got some kills. Had two of my helicopters shot down this morning. It’s all simulated.


I texted myself to take my meds in the morning. Try again tomorrow. Haven’t gotten fired yet.

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Sounds like a very interesting job!!! It gets harder to remember those pills as you get older! I just try to be as routine as possible. Same things everyday. Same breaky. Same time to get up. It works for me.


Set a separate alarm on your phone for half an hour after you wake up and name it meds.

Your job sounds so interesting!


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