Work or study

I’m curious to see how many people either work or study on this forum?

When I was unmedicated my longest run of work was 1.5 years, before they found out to which I said yes, and fired on the spot. Later realized I could have taken them to court, which dad said wouldn’t be a good idea, so I didn’t. Since then even with medication I had a run over like 3 years where the longest I had a job was average of 6 months over 5 places. Only 3 jobs over the past 20 years, almost where I had a run which was good.

Now I’m still employed but on leave, whilst I change careers as I think the past has been horrid .

Keen to see what your thoughts on this are?


I wasn’t able to work longer than 6 months after my first psychosis.

I did finish a Bachelors post-sz.

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Since diagnosis at 29 I’ve failed to hold jobs for too long. I ended up getting on disability in 2004 and besides a brief stint in a bookshop it’s kept me going.

I spent 18 years volunteering at a cricket club doing ground maintenance and turf wickets but got shafted by the executive.

I’m 53 and won’t go back to work now. I’m too old with poor skills from a checkered career where I was paranoid as heck. I live a good, realised life with family and friend support and life is good.

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What’s the bachelors for?

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I played cricket, it was good… but recently with med change I experienced bullying… which was confusing because I never got bullied before… so trying to adjust medication rn

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I did a BSc in Health Sciences from The Open University.

I did it mainly out of personal interest and you never know when it might come in handy.

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I’m 62, I’ve been at my current janitor job 12 years and I just got my Associate of Science degree in December of 2022.

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Got my Bachelors in Economics in 2022, which started in 2019. Fell ill the first time in 2016.

Nowadays universities require minimum attendance otherwise they may kick you off your course in the UK by turning off your funding. It’s a bit of a struggle for somone who likes to work in his own time, at his own pace. Apart from the open university or any other distance learning institute, i wouldn’t go back to it.

I was also working for 6months simultaneously during the end of the degree. The pressure of both landed me in hospital

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