Work not working out

So I started a new job in a labour type position about a week ago . Today the manager said I walk around too slowly and look “lost” and basically need to do better…I feel like I’m already doing my best… Any suggestions?


Where are u from… and how old are u …??? Try harder to stick on ur current job … Btw i not working currently… take care homie…!!!

A story…

Almost 10 years ago while going through a difficult time in my ‘long distance relationship’ I found myself working a lot but not actually producing the results I had been capable of. At the time I felt that I had invested all my efforts, and that I had given more than I could give.

Later that afternoon, I spoke with my partner in search of comfort and reassurance… and having expressed my plight in detail he says “ try harder”

“Sorry? I asked” hoping that I had misheard and he repeated “just try harder” at the time I was dumbfounded, I imminently ended the call… but I thought about what he said… I subsequently came to realise that he was right, and those few words were probably the best piece of advice I had ever recieved.

In conclusion, how do I advise you? Just try harder! You may think you cannot, but you can.

Good Luck

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Basic Info

Ask for feedback. Saying lost is not descriptive enough. ( dont say that to your boss. lol)

Lost implies that you dont seem to know what to do next or that you dont know what goal you are trying to reach at work.

Try to find another person with your same job title and duties. Attempt to match that persons performace while taking into consideration that your new.

Besides that, be helpful and friendly. Say Goodmorning to people you pass. Makes sure you say a quick “Thanks” to those that may help you.


This is great advice.

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Take L-Theanine and Caffeine pills one day. The next day take a different stimulant. Rotate.

I heard this was good, but I’ve never taken it before.

I’ll be experiencing the same thing in a couple of months.

You could always get a prescription for ritalin or modafinil. I think modafinil is what jet pilots use so they don’t fall asleep.

I was in the same boat twice (that I can remember). I was working in a warehouse in 1989 for a coupe of months and a co-worker told me he overheard the boss say he was going to fire me because I stood around too much and didn’t keep busy. So I consciously made a point of keeping busy and not standing around. So I didn’t get fired.

It can be really easy to get in a rut at a job where you pick up bad work habits.

Another job about ten years ago when I was working at Target and I had been there a few months and my immediate supervisor told me the bosses were seriously thinking about firing me because I was slow. So again I made a conscious decision to work faster and push myself to go faster and they kept me on.

Hey man I’m 30 and from south Australia…

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Thanx for all the good advice

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I try to work but couldnt…!!!

I once worked this construction job for a week I was like 18, the boss was nuts. Wanted me to run with 2x10 planks to them instead of walking and just wanted me to work at a rediculous pace. The guys kept telling me the boss was gonna fire me if I didn’t move faster , I thought they were joking… Cuz I was working hard.
One of the guys that was driving me to work told me everyday to get out while I still can lol. Then he told me one day “■■■■ it I’m quittin and going to deliver pizzas instead” he never picked me up the next day.
That day the boss fired me and said “this gig ain’t for you bud” :joy::joy::joy:

Anyway some bosses are just slave drivers.

Just do your best dude.


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