Work made me suicidal

I think I need to be made redundant. Friday I just sat at my desk stressing because I had nothing to do.

I am not a lazy person so this bothers me. I go to work to distract myself from my problems as well as earn some money as well, so I need to be kept busy.

I emailed the other managers as instructed by my boss offering help to them, and they all said no they had nothing.

My boss gave me a 10 minute job and that was it.

How am I supposed to sit at a desk for 8 1/2 hours with ■■■■ all to do ?

I really need to find a new job. I am going off sick today, and my reason is that work made me want to kill myself on Friday night, and it was serious. Very serious.

I am going to the job centre today

Did you have access to a computer? If you did, why didn’t you just surf the web?

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I wouldn’t do that. IT track everything we do on our work computers.

I want work to do, but there is nothing at the moment.

Can you use your smartphone? Limitless time sink.


I used to be sneaky and used incognito mode in Firefox to surf the web.

If somebody walked by I either shortcut close all tabs or just the one I was surfing.

But I know what you mean by not having anything to do. I would have just shadowed someone during the day if the surfing got too boring.

I can’t use the smartphone in the office like @naturallycured says as I wouldn’t be setting a good example to the other employees.

@Mr.Dre I was looking at Linkedin as it had something to do with a project I was working on, but I could only do that for so long.

As I say in my OP. I need to be kept very busy otherwise I just sit there and stress out all day.

I’d rather be in bed.

I know the feeling.

It stopped for me once I was pushed over the edge and bitched at for not being able to over see several tasks at once.

Sounds like it’s time for a new job.

@Mr.Dre it sucks doesn’t it.

@naturallycured I am going to try. Problem is I have a 3 month notice period. :rage:

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Plus if I quit now I won’t get my bonus

You should look up a job as a shipper/receiver.

It’s just scanning items into a database and simple data entry.

It’s a bit tough and you have to work fast but it’s always busy and your mind is constantly working.

You’ve tried to assume more responsibilities and the higher ups blow you off, so I say you should stealthily waste time. How much info does IT have on your work computer? Do they just monitor sites you browse, or does it see everything you’re doing?

If they just monitors sites you browse, there’s a way you can hook up your smartphone to your computer so you browse the smartphone on the computer screen with keyboard and mouse, without tipping off IT, or setting a bad example for the other employees. Sneaky sneaky!

Attaching devices to a work computer is a definite no no. Plus, most work computers wont even allow you to plug in a USB.

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I just can’t do that. My mind needs to be fully occupied for work to act like a distraction for my mental problems.

This is a joint primary reason alongside earning money for why I do it.

If I am not kept occupied with projects, I make myself sicker.

Last week I sat at my desk and looked at my diary and freaked out and went home sick

Yeah, it was a dumb idea.

Miracast is a native Windows 10 feature, and it’s wireless. But yeah, probably too much for work.

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Maybe ask hard for more responsibilities then. Otherwise you’re looking forward to more full-time nothingness. Is the bonus really worth your mental well-being?

I work for a business unit. There are 5 of them and I was told that I would be getting projects (God knows when) from the parent company.

Out of principle I will not do the work for them. I need to be fulfilled in my current job.

You’re right, the bonus is a side issue.

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Does anyone agree with the argument not to make important decisions about my job whilst I am unwell?

I see the point, but if it’s the job making me worse I don’t see another way of doing it…

Did you see my post about the shipper/receiver position?

It includes computer work and its fast paced, so I think it would benefit you.

Look it up.

P.S; I think it would be wise for you to leave your job if its stressing you out. Stress is no good for SZ.

I will have a look and see if there is anything like that in my area.

Trouble is where I live there isn’t much going on unless you travel

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