Work is tough

Only went one day so far and it was not as laid back as I thought it would be sad face. Way more fast paced than I hoped it would be/I can’t handle it. I’m scheduled this following Monday-Thursday, have Friday off then I work again Saturday-Tuesday. Plus it’s 9 hour shifts. I don’t know how I’m gonna get myself to go Monday. Ahhhhhh, I was already exhausted after one day.


try to find easy job
it is better to be easy than challenging your weak being


any way
try to get support from all around you tell em
and see what they advice you with

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when i was challenged at job
i excuse them for a call
then call for support from my family
simply tell em what i face in job
then get back refreshed
be strong be good

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Maybe give it a little more time to adjust?


You may find you adapt pretty quickly. I know it’s hard work but humans even on meds can be surprising.


Uh, the point of work is that it’s tough. If it was fun you’d pay them to do it.


I don’t know if I was expecting it to be fun, but when they told me about it they made it sound like it’d be easy and laid back lol

True that. Maybe just the learning part at the beginning is hard.

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Yeah I’m hoping it’s just the beginning learning curve that is hard

my dad used to always tell me that all beginnings are hard.

give it a chance.

good luck, judy


I’m three and a half years into insurance. Every time I think I can dial it back they crank it up on me.

I think i will feel the same…

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Not the first time you have had to point that out!

It is… A Thing.

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Get this… Upset customer calls and wants to review account immediately this morning. Windows 10 picks that exact moment to inform me it is performing a mandatory update.

Leaves me hanging on phone with Mr. Shouty for like a 20 minute update. Wonderful.

Why the @#$% isn’t our I.T. department managing this ■■■■ during off-hours? I used to do this fifteen years ago when I worked in I.T. I’m sure it has only gotten easier since.



Most jobs aren’t a solid 8 hours of fun.

If work was fun we would call it “play”.

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Here’s how my day is going…

I’ve had it.

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