Work improves life

The lack of work things that must be done but are in someway prevented if done or if you help may get rid of that stressor which is physical in nature.

Nature pushes us to survive I think and have researched what I was blind to but now get the gist.

The more positive attitude if you are able may be directly linked to symptoms and sleep.

By work I mean merely thinking it either brings us to I want to do it or no I’m not going to do it.

Physical stressors like dirt I bring onto a carpet by accident or not must be addressed. On a basic level.

Laundry etc we are all computing the now and making future goals or in the process of. If you are capable and do not do what needs to be done I am privy to say your symptoms might increase.

We of all living situations from trailer RVs to mansions do work in different sometimes less sometimes more efficient ways.

The up and alertness to take initiative to change your life is done by work. I improved my environment by stepping up. And it has had a direct positive impact.


This is written strangely, I hope you are ok. we are here to help.

I do believe that working a paid job helps the symptoms and I strive for that.

Thank you.

Rejoining the labor force is going to take a lot of time for me. It has been nearly three years since I broke out with SZ, but it is taming… albeit very gradually & in small increments each season.

My problem is that I will often zone out too much into the “other world” and have a hard time concentrating on even simple tasks. I also deal with chronic pain & fatigue in my left hemisphere, still don’t know why, but my guess is microtearing from too much mental duress. I was just overworked mentally & physically in my late teens & early twenties.


Thanks I’m fine.

I have no motivation and have cognitive decline which makes me have low self esteem.

Work is a necessary evil. We are a commodity to the system, even if you want to stay on benefits forever it will find a way to push you back into working, through blackmailing or circumstances where you just need more money to survive.

I might enjoy work one day, after I graduate, it will open many doors for me, including a possible relationship. We live with two demons named LOVE and AMBITION.

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I want to contribute to the GDP lol.

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