Work: I feel like quitting

I don’t want to quit. I need the money to save for a masters. I do want to quit though because chronic fatigue is making it hard for me to go to work and actually do the work.

I had a bad shift today. Maybe because I hadn’t eaten before for the entire day but also maybe because I was genuinely feeling ridiculously weak the entire day.

I earn maybe 5k in a year from this job.
I get maybe 3k from personal independence.
And then something else around 2k savings from a loan for university.
That’s the total for a masters.

That above calculation would do me fine if it was the last year of my course, but it’s the second year. By the time it comes to applying for a masters and also completing the current undergraduate - I’ll have spent everything on the rent I pay to my parents, cigarettes and any other extras like a phone or Netflix.

I honestly don’t know what to do.

I feel hard done by by god. or luck. Because schizophrenia is hard enough. But the fatigue… that’s awful and renders you practically disabled. It’s heartbreaking.


Why didn’t you eat? I mean, that’s pretty obligatory for getting energy.

Cool that you work though, but it’s probably doing more harm than good. You sound totally disabled. Push any harder and you could break down.

Maybe find a job that is remote and comfortable. Spend energy on that instead.

I didn’t want to eat. The actual time and effort to prepare something to eat feels like too much for me sometimes. It was one of those days.

I stayed in bed, then helped my younger brother with his work and then went back to bed for an hour. Then went to work. It was only a four hour shift. It felt a lot worse.

I need to heed the idea of a breakdown. Because that does feel like it’ll come if I’m not smart about things.

I don’t know what kind of work I can find that is remote. That would be perfect but there’s little work as is, remote is even harder to find. :confused: 16q5

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Does it work in Canada? Maybe ill look into it soon.

It’s international. The work is remote, so they don’t really care where you are as long as you qualify. But that makes it super competitive too.

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For those who took any interest in this; I was using vortioxetine as an anti depressant and a cognitive enchancer too. I suspect the seretonin increase caused me to feel and sense the tiredness more so than usual.

This means I’m not using vortioxetine careless anymore and definitely not near to days I am busy.

If all goes well, I’ll get through this academic year, with both a pass in school and a job with income (not to spend on cigs though; I’m definitely going to have completely given them up by the time I hit 26)

Magnesium and VB12 helped me with my fatigue. Maybe you should have a try.

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Thank you, I’ll give it a go.

This may sound stupid, but have you tried coffee? I was having serious fatigue, but started having a black coffee in the morning and now I can stay awake throughout the whole day.


That’s not stupid at all, it does help, it helps a lot but sometimes I crash if I don’t continue to up the dose if that makes sense!

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