Words words words---- words

Do you taste your words before they leave your mouth…?

As in saying the correct thing?

I think I’m a lot kinder than I used to be. I try not to say the first thing that comes to my mind unless it’s reasonably positive, or constructively worded. I figure life is hard enough that I don’t want to add more suffering to this world.

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I agree

I think there is another person/spirit

That records everything we say

Good or bad

and that we are recountable for words spoken

Taken more lightly -

You might want to take your medicine if you think that way

i would rather not be so subverted to hold my tongue thinking people are actually listening to what im saying anyhow. the only one who benefits from me watching my words, is me, who doesn’t have to then worry about how the things i’ve said will be interpreted by others. what a caricature i think someone who is always trying to say something heartfelt and meaningful, and cant talk about the weather or whatever.