Words of encouragement

I need to. Crochet and I keep putting it off.

You can do it! Think how good it will feel once you get started…

Keep your hands busy, keep your mind off the world around you, and make something productive. All of those are great reasons to crochet.

You just have to pick one.

You’ve got talent, you’ve got drive, a desire and a purpose. That’s everything you need for success.

I believe you can do it. Make something magical!

Just do something different from being bored. Take a rest every 5-10 minutes. Then at the end of the day check how much progress you’ve made !

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Plan ahead. Set aside a day, maybe sometime next week that you will just sit down and spend an hour crocheting a scarf or blanket or a backpack or a coffee table or whatever and keep to it.

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I miss it. I got a few ideas. Just tired of being lazy.


How’re you feeling lately roxanna?

Good I hope.

Weird. Worry about nothing😊

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