Words looking strange and unfamiliar

Has anyone looked at a word and thought that word looks unfamiliar/strange even though it’s one you’ve come across several/many times before?

Yes I have this, and also a related experience of whole sentences looking like they don’t make sense. I had experienced such things prior to the onset of schizophrenia as well - but only when I stared at words for quite some time. Such is still somewhat the case whenever I experience it now, so I am not so sure as for how much of it I should attribute to the schiz. I am writing a thesis and sometimes I get a bit stuck, it is then when I stare at the screen somewhat waiting for the inclination to move on from there when it strikes me that words in the last sentence look unfamiliar, or that even the whole sentence is ungrammatical. I do not experience it when I am smoothly writing, only when I get stuck.

I am not schiz though I do/have experienced some symptoms.

I get this a lot.
The simplest word I can’t seem to spell right, and other times, it just don’t look right.

I also seem to think things in my house that I’ve lived in for the last 22 years now, look like they’ve been “remade” smaller and or not as well, as if thrown together in a hurry.